Monday, April 20, 2009


Ok, i know i promised some brooch love today, but i still have a few pictures to take, so they might not appear until later in the week. For now here's a sneak:

This one was inspired by TC, my tree loving friend. Fabric is Amy Butler (so yummy).

And other randomisations (yes i just made that up):
*Loving how lots of my friends (minus Dickie who i'm disowning) are now hooked on Hot Rod & The Lonely Island. (& have you seen Stuntman Forever?)
*i've decided BIG Bows are going to be my next obsession. Just need to figure out how to make them. They will be on my clothes & in my hair.
*Drinking lots of Cranberry & Raspberry juice. i'm thinking cranberryade & mojito's might be on the cards.
*Wanting a vinyl record player.
*Ripping ladders in my tights (not on purpose!).
*Lady Gaga on repeat (yes she is about as far removed from my usual taste in music as you can get, but who can resist her?).
*Reading at a reasonable pace for the first itme in a while.
*Patiently waiting for things to arrive in the post.
*Putting papers together for an on-the-road scrapbook
*Wishing i could stay up late to make things, but really ought to go to bed.

And on that note, i actually WILL go to bed (and probably read for a while).

Nighty night!


Kara said...

Eeeek. That broach is tooo die for.

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