Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Documenting the Journey

i've been asked a lot recently about my travel journals so i thought i'd share here.

i always have a journal or notebook with me when i'm travelling (well just always actually). The one i took with me on my last great adventure ended up being filled with tickets, leaflets & other memorabillia. i took a pritt stick with me so i could just glue it in but it also had some great pockets for storing things in.

i find my travel journals invaluable both at the time of writing them, because it helps me to get my thoughts out & also for reflecting on. Not just for the dates & names of places i visited but it's great to read back on my feelings & impressions of places when i was actually there. My memory can get a little blurred... i love to read over my jounrnals, i'm always reminded of things & the memories come flooding back. i have never shared them with anyone else though.

One thing i did when i was backpacking, as i was going to so many places was to pick up a postcard everywhere i stayed. i wrote a few notes on the back of them & they are now gathered in this sweet little album that i picked up in Thailand.

i am a hoarder. i have a whole box full of stuff like tickets, leaftets & postcards. A small portion of this will eventually get scrapbooked. Here's some pages i don't think i've shared before.

As you can imagine the number of photos & memories i have are overwhelming!! So for this next trip i decided to take a different approach. Enter the mini book/ art journal, which i plan to work on while i'm away.

Lately i've become somewhat obsessed with collecting found papers & whatnot. i've gathered some of these into a book & this is going ot be the foundation for my art journal. i've left it unbound so i can add or subtract pages as i see fit. i considered taking some alphabet stickers & embellishments but have decided to keep it to a minimum. So i'm just taking 2 pens, & some adheisive. Getting back to basics. i'm hoping to stick in memorabilia along the way. i'll show you the results when i'm back! i already did the first page. The run up to a trip is all part of the excitement :)

i'm all packed & ready to go! i think i am going to dislike living out of a suitcase even less then living out of a backpack! i am so excited for what we have planned!! And i can not wait to see Adrienne, we have so much to catch up on!

Not sure if i'll be blogging while i'm gone, most likely not. So take care, be safe & have fun!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to take you to all the crafting stores!! We can have such a day of craft-tacular goodness!!


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