Friday, June 19, 2009

Musical Me

It's been a verrrrrry busy week! i am so behind with everything, even text messages! Eep!

Monday i went to see Manhattan. Woody is so oddball. However, it's a great ode to a magical city. Plus there is something beautiful about Black & White films.

Tuesday we travelled to London to the O2 Arena, it was my first experience there & the place is HUGE! The journey took a lot longer then we anticipated, i think if i were to go again i'd stay over night. We ended up missing the support band GlasVegas, which was gutting. The Mighty Kings of Leon were outstanding! Caleb's voice is amazing!

Wednesday i drove down to Bournemouth to see Air Traffic. They are one of my favourite bands EVER. i never tire of listening to them. Their track, Fractured Life is a massively important song to me. On the recording you can hear the crowd singing from a gig they played here in Portsmouth, my friend Brian was there & i am massively jealous of him! Anyways, i have had to miss them live on a few occasions so was super excited to get to see them this week. They have a new drummer & are going independently so were trying out some new songs, which sounded pretty good. We saw them at the V, a converted church which is beautiful. The band had fairy lights on the set & it was lovely.

i haven't been checking out that much new music lately, just a bit here and there. But i have fallen in love with Lenka's sounds. She also has a pretty website. i had the radio on at work the other day & managed to catch her in the Live Lounge. Her take on Friendly Fires Jump in the Pool (a song i already love) is so beautiful. Listen here.

Lately anything woodgrain is stealing my heart. i am full of ideas for jewellery & stitching projects which i am really excited about! i am really inspired by wool & fabrics lately. i sooo badly want to learn to knit & crochet so i can make cute brooches & socks & mittens & cuffs. i have a feeling it's going to be something i will struggle with though. My nan tried teaching me as a girl & it was not successful! i'm hoping Caketin will teach me :)

Starting Harry Potter 6 tonight in preparation for the film! Eeeep! Can't wait to get lost in that magical world. There are a ton of films i am eagerly anticipating this summer, but i saw a trailer for Paper Heart a few months back & haven't got it out of my head.


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