Monday, September 14, 2009

hello matey's!

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It's all been a bit quiet on the blog front of late & usually about now i'd receive a text/facebook message from Miss Katty prompting me to blog. So far i've gotten away with it & i'm hoping that she doesn't realise that we're almost half way through September and this is the first substantial blog post all month.

A brief run down on my life recently: obsessing about The Beatles (wishing i could afford the entire back catalogue), getting *super* excited when the Coldplay tickets showed up, feeling restless, a weekend in Bournemouth with my sisters, disposable cameras, playing with my pogo, eating popcorn, BBQ & Rounders in Victoria Park, making plans for fancy dress, obsessively listening to Coconut Records, working on my favourite things album & making my summer love album, craving cherryade, trying my hand at crochet again.

i've also watched many of the new releases in the cinema. September is an amazing month for films this year. i most highly recommend Inglourious & Distric 9.


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