Thursday, November 05, 2009

Childhood Memories

It's Sesame Street's 40th Birthday this year! INSANE! i'm not sure that it was or is that big a deal here in the UK but i lived in Canada for a couple of years as a child & i loved it. i even remember a Bert & Ernie birthday cake one year but i'm not sure if that was for me or my sister. There are so many amazing characters in the show, i think i could still watch the show now and be entertained. i love that they haven't changed the puppetry.

And check Feist out on the street!

Anyway all this talk of kids programmes does leads me to a scrapbook page i did a while ago about about the things my sisiter & i loved as a kid, toys, programmes etc. It was a theme i had journalled about so all i needed to do was couple it with a photo & add paper + glue. Note the minature camera around my neck, some things never change! i feel so lucky to have had someone to grow up with & it could not have been with a more perfect person! We are going to my sisters graduation tomorrow, she also moved this week & just started a new job. Fun times for her. It seems crazy to me that we are (kind of) grown up now, but i look forward to whatever else life has in store for us.

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Michaela said...

Ah love love love this blog! The page is great! I am very lucky to have a big sis like u! I look forward to the next 80 years!
PS I think the cake was mine lol!

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