Wednesday, January 06, 2010


i was snowed in today, the motorway i use to get to work was closed off - eek! And there doesn't appear to be any signs of the bad weather easing off. Luckily i made it home while it was just starting to snow last night. Mumsey & i were freaking out at the size of the snowflakes falling, they were about 4cm wide and coming down fast! We lived in Canada for a few years when i was younger and Mum said she hasn't seen anything like it. Considering it's pretty rare for us to get any snow this far south of England, it's all been rather exciting & magical despite the chaos it's been causing. There's a Roman Castle just down the street from where i live so we went down to take snow pictures. Unfortunately the snow kept producing spots on my lens, grr!

i kept wishing Mr Tumnus had been waiting under this for me. i think the trees look so pretty!

i posted something over at Greate-it-green today, so please check it out!


...on the brink of something beautiful said...

love your creation!!! sooo pretty and inspiring.
such pretty snow pictures!! make some snow angels and snowballs for me!!!
--your FL blogger friend :)

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