Monday, February 15, 2010

Create It Green Reveal

It's the 15th of the month which means all our projects are up on the Create It Green Blog. Do go check it out to see what the other ladies made. This month i used a vintage dress pattern & vintage lace (i have a whole stash of this!).

Oh Canada! i miss yooooou! Has anyone been watching the Olympics? i thought the opening ceremony was amazing! i can't imagine what they'll do when it's our turn in 2012! All i can think of is that they'll have loads of people in bowler hats & suits dancing around double decker buses! hee hee! i taped the highlights of the pairs skating from yesterday so i'll be watching that tonight. i'm so obsessed with skating right now!

What did everyone do for valentines? i'm not a fan of it myself, but mum bought me a cupcake, so i can't complain about it! Hope your day was filled with cuteness too!

Loves to you all!


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