Saturday, March 06, 2010

Round up of my week

So it's been a busy week! Last Friday i travelled to Bournemouth to see Dave Gorman. My sister got me a ticket for my birthday & he was so funny! It was my first time seeing a stand up comedian & i would definately go again. But i have been a fan of Dave's for a while & read all his books. Saturday morning we headed to Brighton for a girlie weekend. We saw the X Factor tour, which was soooo fun & much better then i was anticipating. Then we got some shopping in on Sunday (hence the no Scrapbook Shares on Sunday last week, sorry about that!). We managed to spot a celeb, or at least she was in the 90's. Ha! Faye from Steps and the Conservative Party Forum that was going on (or as my sister so named them, The Conservatories). It was a lovely weekend of laughter.

My new glasses arrived this week too, i'll post proper pics of them soon.

i managed to see Leap Year & The Princess and The Frog.

i also made my first ever granny square! With help from Caketin, of course! Although i still need to sew the ends in. i was so pleased with how it turned out, i think these things might be addictive.


Laura said...

So jealous that you went to see Dave gorman! I love him! I will have to keep an eye on his website to see if he is coming to London any time soon!

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