Thursday, April 08, 2010

Free stuffs from around the internets

i've made use of a few freebies that i've found on the internet this week and i wanted to share, because everyone loves free stuff right?

Sleeping At Last are offering their album as a free download for the rest of today, just go here.

Stephanie posted on SC about a Blog Planner which i think is super cute! i've already printed enough to plan my next month's worth of blogging! There are lots of other lovely free downloads on this site too.

Ella Publishing publish ebooks on scrapbooking and are offering a free sampler. There's been a lot of talk about Ella & i've been intrigued for a while. i'm glad i got the chance to sample them before deciding that they were ace. i now need all of their ebooks, good job i got a 10% discount on my first order for registering! They also have a monthly ezine which is free!


Sian said...

Handy few links there Alexa :) That blog planner is brilliant!

Ine said...

Hiya! I found your blog by clicking on one of my own interests (in my Blogspot-profile) to see how many people shared that interest! The interest I clicked was "The Sookie Stackhouse-books" in case you were wondering!
Anyways, I love your blog and your scrapbook-pages are supercute!

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