Friday, April 02, 2010

Scrap Crush: Stephanie Howell

i've found myself lifting 2 of Stephanie Howell's fabulous pages in as many weeks! I just LOVE her style! I could lift just about every page she makes. i have to admit to having a little scrap crush on her.

This first one I lifted was from the Spring Scrabook Trends, it's on page 18.

This is tattoo #4 and although i've scrapbooked one of my other tattoo's, i've never scrapbooked the process of getting it done before. Not sure why i felt i needed to title this page 'new tattoo', as it's about 10 months old now but it is at least my 'newest' tattoo. My friend Adrienne took these photo's for me :)

And then I saw this one on the CK blog which was in their latest issue. i thought it was such a great way to use up some of those stickers in my stash. The purple letter stickers are one of the first thing's i bought when i started scrapbooking, they are 9 years old! eeep!

i can't believe my friends have been married for nearly 2 years now! yikes! Where did the time go?

What 'scrap crushes' do you have right now? Link me up, i'd love to see!


Tatanky said...

Hi Alexa !! I have received my candy prize on the mail it was so exciting. Thanks a lot !!! I specially liked the sticker book. Excellent.

My scrap crush at the moment is I just love her creations.

Thanks again :)

stephanie howell said...

oh my goodness, these are LOVELY! thank you so so much for your sweet words, you brought a grin to my face today. happy easter! oxxo

Sian said...

I have to say Stephanie too! I just love her style.

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