Sunday, May 23, 2010

Scrapbook Shares on Sunday

Hi Blog friends,

i hope you've had a lovely weekend. The weather has been gorgeous here. Today i walked to the castle to get an ice cream and was shocked to find that 99 cones now cost £1.60!! Anyone else remember the days when they actually cost 99p, or was that too far in the past? i'm always shocked when i come to write my Scrapbook Shares on Sunday post that a whole entire week has wizzed by already. i haven't got anything new to share this week but i did come across a project that i did a while ago which i haven't shared before.

When i was travelling in Thailand i took a cookery course. i am not much of a cook but even i managed to keep up. As part of the course we got to visit a market to get some fresh produce. It's very different to a typical trip to the supermarket here. For a start it's an assault on the senses!

The colour of the alphabet chipboard i wanted to use didn't fit with the page so i painted it. Sometimes if an A appears in a title i like it to be a different colour or font so that it stands out as it's my initial. i like to leave my mark!


Unknown said...

This is very nice.. must have been great in Thailand xx

Keshet said...

This LO is so fun--love the circles!

elycia said...

cute scrapbook page! i like the idea of painting your initial a different colour to make it stand out. very clever.
thanks for stopping by my blog! as you mentioned...if you are thinking about becoming a veg 'the kind diet' is a good book to read. also 'eating animals' is amazing. it will probably push you over the edge to vegetarianism, haha.
if you have any questions i would love to answer them...i'm not an expert but i've been vegetarian for 13 years.

Tatanky said...

I really like the way you put the photos in circles. And the idea of making your initial stand out is very original. I like it. A very personal touch in your work.

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