Friday, June 11, 2010

Lovely music

It occurred to me that i haven't done any music posts in a while. This is mainly because i haven't found that much music that i want to rave about lately. There are a few gems that i want to share with you though, just in case you haven't come across them yet.

i am a little bit in love with Jose Vanders and i want her hair cut. She is from South London, she has a lovely voice and sweet & funny lyrics. Her website is very cute, plus she has some cool videos including this one set on the Underground and this one, inspired by The Life Aquatic:

Then there's Lissie. i wasn't keen on her stuff when i first heard it some time ago, but this track has been all over the airwaves and i'm hooked.

And Stornoway. i mentioned them back in January but think they are worth another mention as their music is magical to me.

What music are you in love with at the moment? Please share!


Sian said...

Um, I went and bought all those re-released Beatles albums a while back and I'm listening to those. Which makes me sound a lot older than I actually am. Obviously.

Anonymous said...

You should definitely check out Mumford and Sons!! I'm hooked on them right now!
Also, the Avett Brothers are wicked awesome too!

Sian said...

Back again to offer you the award waiting for you on my blog today. Hoe it's ok that I had to call you curlywiggles beacsue |I know another Alexa and didn't want her to get mixed up. And, no obligation :)

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