Tuesday, August 10, 2010


i had a skype date with Katty B last night and she scolded me for my lack of blogging (and actually referred me to my own post stating that now i had internet i would be blogging more regularly! Ooops!). So i just wanted to let you know that i am still here, i'm just not making very much and not taking many pictures, so i don't have much to share with you. i set up my studio space 2 weeks ago but am yet to complete anything in it. i've only ventured into in once and it just felt forced. It's something that i've dreamed of forever but now i have it, i'm just not in the mood to use it. i'm not sure what it is about summer that sucks my creative force, it's always the same. During the winter i have so many grand ideas for the summer, so many pictures i want to take and then it comes and goes without much getting done. i thought with all this newness i would feel inspired but it's had the opposite effect, i'm not sure what to do with myself. None of my usual favourites are happening; picture taking, scrapping or dvd watching. It feels odd and yet i have no desire to partake in any of them, so i am quite comfortable.

There is a lot of life living happening. Concerts, drinks, cinema trips, cooking, baking, trying new foods, random nights out, new people, old friends, laughing, hanging out at the bandstand, watching True Blood, soaking up the sunshine, listening to Arcade Fire, skype chats, phone calls, long text conversations, painting my nails, drama, sleeping, a lot of sleeping. Life is good, it's just different. My heart is very very happy. i hope yours is too. 


Cheryl said...

oh no! but take your time, don't force it and you'll get in there soon and get back into your creative place x

Sian said...

I think I know how you feel a bit..Autumn is my very favourite time of year, I still get a back to school feeling that energises me and makes me want to create. August definitely doesn't make me feel like that!

Love that honest photo :)

Keshet said...

So glad things are going well! And thanks for the encouragement on my blog, I so appreciate it:)

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