Friday, August 20, 2010

Goals for the next week

i've got a few days off work next week and i want life to take a slower pace. Life has been a real roller-coaster these past few weeks. And i've also been putting my body through the wringer with all the partying (one of the advantages of living in the city).  i need to take some time to re-energise. To step away from all the drama and enjoy some simple pleasures.

i'm posting a list of things that i want to do over the next week so that i have to hold myself accountable to them:

*Take an adventure with my camera on foot.

*Listen to something other then Arcade Fire (i've been listening to it over and over). And also maybe listen to some Arcade Fire. Again. heeeee!

*Stroll to a tea room and have cake.

*Laze in the park.

*Enjoy my last week with the Art Mobile (aka my car). It's unlikely to pass it's MOT so i've got to bid goodbye to it :(

*Take photos of the apartment!

*Make a birthday card.

*Edit some photos and upload for printing

*Spend some quality time with my nan.

*Try and find my scrapping mojo.

i also need to sort out some admin for the apartment. i hate that part of being an adult. Urgh!

And i already have plans for a couple of day trips, so i'm not sure how i'm going to fit it all in!


Katie said...

Are you off Thursday? Cos I am - could stroll together to a tearoom for cake!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure you quite understand the meaning of slower pace! You've got a lot of things planned...enjoy!

Keshet said...

I hate those adults bit, too--yuck! I'm also making my to do list for the week--wishing you luck with yours!

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