Friday, September 24, 2010

Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down

i took this photo on our day trip to Bath last month. i couldn't believe there were golden leaves on the ground, seriously - it was August! It feels like the seasons have shifted these last few years, spring comes much earlier, summer is fleeting and the winters are longer and colder. i can't say that i took much notice of autumn last year as i spent so much of it in hospital and then cooped up inside recovering. But in 2008 we had a beautiful autumn, the weather was just lovely, lot's of sunshine and the air was cool and crisp but not cold. This year i wasn't sure what to expect, it seemed to have crept up on us all together too quickly. i am certainly not prepared for it. i am not ready for change, it's been a summer of dreams.

Last week my world got flipped upside down. i had one of those days where your life literally changes overnight. i find that these things happen every few years, when i'm least expecting them. Change is forced upon me and i have to start anew all over again. Usually i take it in my stride, but this time around i'm being very resistant to it. i liked things just the way they were, i am actually settled and happy for the first time in a long while and i'm not trying to run away. But some big changes lie ahead.

So the next month or so looks to be a very difficult and busy. i am exhausted from these past two weeks and with all the new information that has been coming to light, my brain is too full. i was hoping that things would be settling down around now so i could get back into my scrap groove and focus on blogging again, but it doesn't look like it will. i can't remember the last time i checked my google reader, it's been month's since i hung out at the SC board, i've had days this week when i haven't checked twitter (unheard of!). And i sooo miss it! i'm having to channel my energies into less interesting things these days, but hopefully they will be fruitful.

So i can't say i am too thrilled that autumn is here. But i will look forward to hot chocolates, wearing coloured tights, gig season and halloween. And i will try my best to embrace these changes because i am sure that when i look back in the future they will have been a catalyst for something wonderful.


Sian said...

I always enjoy your thought provoking and thoughtful posts. And I'm hoping everything works out for the best and you find your creative groove again soon Alexa.

Liberty :) said...

I can't believe the autumn is on it's way either :(

Unknown said...

Hey lovely - I really hope the universe conspires to bring you lots of joy. Yes, change is frightening but it can also be really exciting. Those are words I need to listen to as well right now! Best of luck with it. x

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