Sunday, November 14, 2010

It was a Happy Halloweekend!

i know this is a little late now but i still wanted to share because Halloween is my favourite holiday! People keep telling me it's not a holiday but i insist that it is! Normally it's not such a big deal here in the UK but it seems to be catching on as there were a lot more products in the shops this year. We hosted our first Halloween Party! i didn't have as much time to dedicate to the preparation as i would have liked because of everything else that is going on with me right now but i still managed to pull together some decorations and with the help of my flatmate & my friend Adam the place looked quite spooktacular so a big thanks to them.

i was insistent everyone had to dress up for the party and they all made a great effort which made me really happy and feel thankful to have such good sports for friends who put up with my fancy dress demands! i think they all had a good time and i did reward their efforts with cupcakes and punch, filled with eyeballs and frog slime of course! heee!

i usually make my costumes but this year i saw one on-line and had to have it! i bought a pumpkin lady outfit and wore my fascinator and went OTT with my eye make-up, any excuse to wear a little glitter! i also wore my glittery pumps.

i also made a little garland to display all my instax photos during the night. A tiny peek into how amazing everyone looked!(click to see bigger). i jazzed up some clothes pegs using some Dear Lizzy mixtape, it was the perfect width!

i made a few different types of cupcakes, some with 'wizards hats'. We made these by covering ice cream cones in melted dark chocolate and decorated them with white chocolate stars. Yummy!

My flatmate has family in the states so we were lucky to receive a package with some candy corn! i also roasted some pumpkin seed and offered a few other snacks.

i did something a little different with the pumpkins this year and prettied one up with ribbon and painted another one in black glittery polka dots!

i made a little autumn garland just for funs (i'm getting a little addicted to making these).

And i made a little spooky tree. The pumpkins were inspired by Cheryl. The spiders were super easy to make, i just made the legs with embroidery thread and glued on some googly eyes, though i think they are more cute then spooky!

i think that just about sums things up. i can't wait to get some photos printed of the party (although i need to so some serious editing first!). i think i'm going to make a mini album. i had such a fun time!


Sian said...

That punch looks suitably revolting! Oh do please make a mini album - I'd love to see that. There is so much creativity going on here it just has to be recorded

Unknown said...

Wow! Love your outfit too. Looks like a fun party :)

Keshet said...

You are the cutest pumpkin lady! Love this!

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