Monday, June 13, 2011

Life In A Day

i recently had the opportunity to attend a preview screen of Ridley Scott's latest cinematic project, Life In A Day. It's a documentary filmed on a single day providing a snapshot of what life was like in 2010 and there were 80,000 submissions from people all over the world! Obviously the film doesn't include them all. But the stories are wildly different and sometime surprising. This film is genuinely laugh out loud funny in places but also very shocking and sad. There is one particular cattle slaughter scene which this little vegetarian heart found to be very upsetting and brought the tears on. However, it is often moving in a good way, and i left feeling inspired about life. There was one Korean guy who featured throughout who has been travelling the world on his bike for over 9 years! He has some really interesting stuff to say and i think they should make a whole film about him! i was also amazed to see my home city featured in it.

i don't often give film reviews here but it really is very different to anything i've seen before so i thought it was worth a shout out. If you're at all interested in people, cultures or the world (which i'm guessing is all of you) then i think you'll rather like it! It's released in the UK this Friday 17th and if you book your tickets via the youtube page then you can donate 25% of your ticket price to your choice of charity from a selection (Vue cinemas only). If only you could do this for every film release, i might not begrudge the extortionate ticket prices! And they're also offering a money back guarantee voucher so if you don't like it, you can get your money back! Here's the trailer if you're still not convinced:


Keshet said...

This is really cool! Also love the cupcake layout below--they really are the best scrap topic:)

Kim said...

thanks for visiting my blog, I will def be back to see more inspiration

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