Saturday, July 09, 2011

Some magical music

i had the good fortune to see a handful of my favourite bands live last week. i don't tend to go to many major concerts these days as my wallet just isn't that full, but these gigs were going to be too special to pass up. 

First i went to see Arcade Fire in Hyde Park, London. They had an amazing support line-up. Including Owen Pallett, The Vaccines, Beirut & Mumford & Sons. i hadn't really listened to any of Beirut's stuff before but i loved their stuff. The lead singer's voice is a bit whiney but the trumpets and ukulele won me over. Mumford & Sons have always had a special place in my heart and have inspired quite a few of my scrapbook pages. They also performed some new material which is classic Mumford so i'm eagerly anticipating their new album. i'd been wanting to see them live since i first heard Little Lion Man so i was soaking them in. 

i've been a long time fan of Arcade Fire and The Suburbs was hands down my favourite album of 2010 & they exceeded all of my expectations. Early on in the set they performed Wake Up and the whole crowd was singing along, it was one of those goosebump kind of moments. There were lots of other special touches which made the gig one of the best i've ever attended. 

There was a tent with arcade games and a photo booth in. Of course, being a scrapbooker i thought this was amazingtons. She Who Must Not Be Named did not though and isn't even looking at the camera in 2 of the four photos :( i'll manage to get them on a scrapbook page somehow though. 

There was also a cinema playing a 30 minute film directed by Spike Jonze based on The Suburbs Album. Inside there was bunting, balloons and deck chairs + logs for seating. Seriously cute!

Next up i travelled to Milton Keynes. i don't think i'll be venturing there again, it's all concrete and boringness. The concert, however was not. The line-up was Tame Impala, Death Cab for Cutie, Biffy Clyro & Foo Fighters. i was disappointed that no one seemed to know Death Cab for Cutie so the atmosphere wasn't great. Biffy Clyro are one of my favourite bands so i was super excited to see them again (you may recall that I got to meet them last year). i have never been that into the Foos, but i have to say they knocked it our of the park. Dave Ghrol is a true showman and Taylor Hawkins is probably the best drummer i've ever seen perform live. They also had a few special guests including Roger Taylor (Queen drummer) and Alice Cooper. i'm a massive fan of Queen so i was geeking out a little bit when Roger Taylor made an appearance, how amazing would it have been to have seen Queen perform live?! If only. 

i took this picture from the top of the MK Bowl, it probably shows only a third or so of the size of it. The sheer volume of people was incredible.

SO now you can see i've been a little busy lately. i haven't had much time for any scrapping but i hope to remedy that this weekend. Have a great one everybody!


Unknown said...

Aw man, I'd love to see Arcade Fire. And the MK Bowl is ENORMOUS, right? I saw Greenday there a while back xx

MandyKoeppen said...

AWESOME!! SOunds like so much fun! Love the photos can't wait to see a layout about this!Hope you're having a great week!

Geralyn said...

Love the photos! Looks like tons of fun :) So awesome that you saw Death Cab for Cutie live!

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