Saturday, August 13, 2011

Going Postal

The fabulous Julie has been running a series lately called Going Postal. You can check out all the details in this post, but here's the gist:

Over the last month there have been giveaways, free printables and wonderful projects shared, based on the postal theme and you should definitely hop over there and check them all out. Julie also set up a Pinterest board to house all the projects. Lot's of people have got involved with this one and there are many inspiring projects from scrapbook pages to jewellery!

i've got lots of postal themed stash in my supplies so could easily have knocked up something new but i wanted to share with you one of my more unconventional scrapbooks. Most of you will know that i embarked on a round the world trip back in 07/08. Living out of a backpack i couldn't really haul scrapbook supplies around with me so i had to come up with other ways to record my memories. i had a travel journal (actually i ended up with two because the first one got full) which had pockets in for saving tickets and other memorabilia. i've referred to that a lot over the years when it's come to journalling on my scrapbook pages, but that's quite personal so it'd never been shared with anyone.

Something i can share with people though is my book of postcards. i picked up a postcard in every town or city i stayed in and wrote my thoughts about the place on the back. The good, the bad,  what i did, who i met.  There's not a whole lot of room for journalling so i just wrote down a summary, what stood out to me the most about a place and it's nice to have that snapshot to look back on.

i carried each of these postcards around with me on my trip with no idea of how i would display them. And then on my second to last stop, in Chiang Mai, i came across the perfect house for them. It even had the exact number of pages for the postcards i had collected. It was serendipity.

Each page is clear so you can see the front and back of the postcard.

What i like about it is some of the postcards are of things i might not have taken pictures of myself. And i've included some random details in my journalling that i might have otherwise forgotten. Like how in Tokyo everyone dresses their small dogs in designer clothes or how i had to dodge a dingo when going to the toilet in the bush on Fraser Island or how stinky Wai-O-Tapu in New Zealand is, or how Koh Tao Island in Thailand is full of people covered in bandages because the roads and hills are so dangerous for mopeds.

It may not have lot's of pretty papers or embellishments, but it is full of memories and so in my eyes it is a scrapbook. i hope this will maybe inspire you to include postcards in your future projects,  maybe the next time you're on a trip you'll send yourself a postcard?


Unknown said...

This is gorgeous! I need a postcard album for Finlay, you have inspired me to get one.. or perhaps make one!?


Julie Kirk said...

What a great album. I guess a little A5 ring-binder could work, or a photo album for larger photos. Not that I have a postcard collection! I just love things like that.

Thanks for joining in and for the great write-up! You're all pinned here: now.

Thanks again.

Julie :-)

Sian said...

It's definitely a scrapbook - and of the very best kind! I love it.

Nathalie said...

What a great idea and wonderful memory keeper!!! Love the concept and the look of it!

Mandie said...

this is such a great idea!

SarahLP said...

Absolutely lovely!! Love how you used clear page protectors for your cards. And great minds think alike.. I collected postcards on our holiday a couple of weeks ago and journalled on them as you did.. my project is on Julie's Pinterest board too! :o)


Buzzard Girl said...

Such a brilliant book of memories!!

Amanda said...

That book is just perfect for your collection of postcards. I love that you can read all the details while you're flicking through. What a great reminder of your trip.

sophie said...

cool book! and I wnated to say I got the new entreartistes magazine in my post box and was really impressed to see one of your layouts!! amazing! congrats!

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