Thursday, October 27, 2011

Handmade Halloween: Woodgrain Mod Podge Pumpkin

Hi Everyone! Today marks the start of my Handmade Halloween series. If you've been following me here for a while or on twitter (because i tweet about Halloween all year round!) you'll know that Halloween is my favourite of favourites. i'm not quite sure what it is about the holiday that gets me so excited, because horror movies terrify me, but i fully embrace it. i love to make decorations, concoct wicked cocktails, plan my costume, and pick pumpkins. Basically i love everything about it except the fact that the colour purple features so heavily.

Today i wanted to share a tutorial to make a pumpkin that you can use year after year. Here's the supplies you'll need:

*Mod Podge
*Foam Brush
*Paper Mache Pumpkin

i picked my pumpkin up in Hobby Craft, so i'm sure most major craft shops will sell them. Really there aren't many steps to decorating your pumpkin but it can get really messy! So be sure to cover whatever surface you're working on and be prepared to get sticky fingers!

Originally i was intending to decoupage my pumpkin with scrapbook papers but i couldn't bare the thought of using so much paper on one project! So i decided to use this lovely woodgrain fabric that i've been hoarding for some time. You might prefer to cut your fabric strips before hand, but i cut mine as i went.

You'll need to paint a layer of Mod Podge onto the surface of the pumpkin. i found it best to do this as you go  as Mod Podge dries pretty quickly .

Then layer on a fabric strip.

And paint another layer of Mod Podge onto the fabric. Repeat until your pumpkin is covered! My pumpkin had facial features cut out so i made sure there was enough fabric to push through the holes and mod podged them to the inside.

So that my pumpkin looks spooktacular in the dark i've got some faux battery operated tealights to put inside (safety first people!). 

i hope you enjoyed my project! i'll be back tomorrow with another one. 


ForgedinPaper said...

Very cool pumpkin. I love it.

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