Thursday, October 06, 2011

October Daily

You're probably already familiar with Ali Edward's December Daily concept. If you haven't you can read all about it here. i've never played along, nor attempted a week in the life but when Doris suggested an October Daily, i was all over it. October is usually a difficult month for me with all the seasonal changes going on so i wanted something fun to focus on aside from the ever growing list of Halloween projects i'm wanting to attempt. It's also my last month living with She Who Must Not Be Named and that's certainly worth documenting. Despite the colder days, darker nights/mornings and the impending doom that is winter, there's a lot to love about Autumn.

i made the mini from scratch. And it's very mini at around 4x6. It's similar to all my previous travel scrapbooks on the go like my Canada album. I find that it's easiest to keep up with an on-going project if i have a pre-made book. It's filled with lots of papers of varying sizes, along with transparencies, tags and doilies to mix things up a bit. The cover is made from some chipboard (I always hoard this from packaging for such projects) that i painted and stamped on with my Smash date stamp. i hand sewed the whole lot together, which made my fingers sore! And then put some 7gypsies fabric tape on the spine to make it a bit sturdier + prettier.

i'm taking pictures with instagram on my iPhone. i always have my phone on me so that seemed like the only way i was going to keep up with actually documenting October. i plan on printing the pictures in batch. And so far i'm journalling in it every day.

Are you doing an October Daily? Link me up if you are! And if you aren't there's still time to get started, there's a little support group going on over here. Do join us.


waleska said...

oh, i love your cover!! the way you stamped the dates is so cool and clever. i can't wait to see the inside :)

Keshet said...

Love this, Alexa! No plans as of now (this is one CRAZY month with Jewish holidays) but I'm enjoying watching all the pretty fall goodness!

Briana Johnson said...

Oh wow, this cover is so amazing. I love it, it's like artsy clean, perfect color, really makes me excited to see what you put in there.

julie said...

hi curly, love your daily! especially the date stamped all over the front. your canada mini is awesome! i love that you used envelopes for pages to store your souvenirs in. great idea!

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

Ah Alexa! LOVE the dates on the cover!

Jill said...

I SO love this cover!

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