Friday, November 04, 2011

Handmade Halloween: Documenting with Instax Photos

As i said before playing hostess is busy work so taking pictures isn't a priority. However, something that i try to do at Halloween is get instax photos.

Last year i pegged them to a garland i made.

And then they ended up in my scrapbook. i use divide page protectors to store them. These are usually used for storing collectors cards, but they're the perfect size for instax pictures.

i don't really feel that i need to accompany the photos with a lot of journalling so i just went with word stickers. i plan to do something similar with this years photos too. 

This is what i did this year to display them at the party. It's something i've been wanting to try for a while. 

i bought the frame at ikea and removed the back and the glass. Then stapled in the string to hang the photos on to. To make the tags i stamped and embossed a print design directly onto the kraft tags. Then added some Echo Park stickers using double sided tape. Really simple, but definitely a project i love. Plus i can reuse the tags on other Halloween Projects.


julie said...

alexa, have you checked the scapfest message board lately? ; )

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