Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Misting with Stencils

i'm a big fan of misting with stencils, but for some reason it's not something i do on my pages too often. i think it's the risk of making a mess which holds me back. My friend Lisa is always inspiring me to get the mist out. Misting is her scrappy super power. Here are a few examples where i've used mist with stencils.

This is something i'm glad i documented because i rarely have smoothies for breakfast these days. For this design i could easily have used a strip of paper at the top, but i like the effect of the mist. 

For this page i used the design of the stencil to lead your eye to the photo.

On this page i used white rub-ons as a resist against the mist, it's subtle but definitely brings a little extra something to the design. i love how the sunburst enhances the theme of my photos.

i hope you enjoyed these, and thanks for reading!


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