Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favourite! Tonight i am dressing up as a fortune teller and going to a party, i'm excited!   i wanted to share the pumpkins that i decorated this year.

For this one i glued lots of sequins to the top of the pumpkin and then I glittered the stem. The best way to do this is to paint the stem & leave to dry overnight. Then you need to cover the pumpkin in a glue (i used modgepodge) and cover in glitter. i used the same technique on the other pumpkins, although the white doesn't show up too well.

But first i spray painted them. The best method for spray painting is to do several light coats, letting each one dry before the next. Make sure to cover your surface & do it outside or in a well ventilated space. To create the white pumpkin with the orange stars i first covered the pumpkin with stickers & only removed them when the paint had dried. For the 'eek!' on the black pumpkin i used thickers after the paint had dried.

i hope you enjoyed these & please let me know if you have any questions. Happy Haunting!


ForgedinPaper said...

Love the pumpkins. I'm going to try that next year.

Meghann Andrew said...

Adorable! I especially love the sequin pumpkin!

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