Monday, June 01, 2015

June Simple Scrapper Story Starter Layouts

The theme this month for the Simple Scrapper Story Starters is Tickets, and i'm all over it. i did 5 projects this month! i'm not sharing them all today, so be sure to check back. i do lot's of stuff that involves me getting a ticket. It makes me sad that so many places are doing e-tickets now, printing off a bit of paper just isn't the same. Plus it doesn't look so pretty in my albums! i have quite a hoard of tickets and memorabilia from travels, events and places i've visited so i got busy this month getting some of them documented.

This one is a favourite, love that the ticket is such an integral part of the page. This was a cool experience. i will never forget how exciting that summer was. i can't believe it was nearly 3 years ago!

This layout doesn't include a ticket on it, but it does stem from a prompt about visiting historical places. i am a bit of a palace/castle geek. i may have visited 3 this year already, and the weather hasn't even been that good yet. i actually have 2 annual memberships which get me into lot's of different palaces. So yeah, palace geek. Anyway, this particular layout is about Hampton Court Palace. i'm annoyed with myself that i did the journaling there on the bottom right as it looks off to me. On reflection i think it would have looked more balanced if i'd written it on the left. But it's done now, so i'm just moving on.

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