Sunday, August 23, 2015

August Simple Scrapper Sketch Layouts

i submitted my layouts for the September Simple Scrapper Premium Membership yesterday and realised i hadn't even blogged my August layouts yet! Ooops! Scrapping and blogging always go on the back burner for me during the summer months. Anyway, as usual, i found the August sketches really inspiring. i ended up using 2 of them. 

i love all the different possibilities there are with the circles on this one. You could easily use the spots for more photos.

The pictures were taken at Al Jem Amphitheatre in Tunisia. i know that recent events make Tunisa seem a scary place to visit right now, but my experience of the country & it's people was wonderful. i really want to go back someday so i can see the Atlas Mountains. El Jem Amphitheatre is well worth a visit if you ever get the chance, it's really epic. 

For this layout i used a story starter from March. i think this is the kind of thing i'll find interesting in the future, it's so fascinating how our mobile devices have become so integral to our every day lives. The patterned paper i used was quite busy, so i kept the rest of the layout fairly simple to balance out the page. 

My iPhone actually died on me 2 weeks ago so i was really glad to have this snapshot for when i was recovering my apps on my new iPhone! 

The Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper provides skills and shortcuts to help you simplify and find more meaning in your memory keeping. 


Melissa said...

The circles on the first layout are awesome. It's something you could use again and again, and it would look different every time. Also great job on recording your fave apps. Sorry about your iPhone dying. Mine seemed to be doing just that a few days ago, but I was able to bring it back to life. Scary!

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