Saturday, October 24, 2015

November Simple Scrapper Story Starter Layout

The theme this month at Simple Scrapper is food. Yes! This is something i tend to tell stories about fairly often, so i love that i have new prompts for some fresh stories. 

For this layout i chose to tell a deeper story. The how and why i came to be a vegetarian. It all comes down to this book by Jonathan Safran Foer (yes, the guy who wrote Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close), Eating Animals. i've been a vegetarian now for nearly 5 and a half years and yet this story was still missing from my scrapbook albums. The story starters are really great at prompting you to share stories which haven't been told yet. 

i used a sketch from September for my design. One thing you may notice which is different from my usual style is my use of typed journaling. You don't see this from me very often because i usually like to just free style without any pre-planning. But i do find it useful to type my journaling when i have a longer story to tell, or if i want to be able to review my journaling so that i can be sure i have all the facts included. Because this was such an important story to me that's the route i chose for this layout. 

My second layout is much lighter on the journaling. Because not all stories are long stories. i'm trying to be better about creating more personality layouts about the people in my life and this is one of those. 

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