Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pumpkin Picking Layout

It being October, i thought i'd share another pumpkin layout. i used a Simple Scrapper sketch for the design. It's one i have already used before for the 'Today is the Day' layout in this post. The past few years i've gone to a local farm shop to pick out my pumpkin(s). They have a good selection of different types of squash & some good photo opportunities! 

So many of my layouts start with white cardstock because i usually hand write my journaling. But i also like to look for patterned papers that i can use as backgrounds. Because, let's be honest, i need to make a dent in my paper hoard. When making my selection i tend to pick out more simple designs, with lighter colours. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to read my handwriting. What do you find yourself using as backgrounds, papers or cardstock?


Sian said...

Very cute page! I started out using patterned paper backgrounds, now I do a lot of white though I can feel the need for more pattern creeping back. Either way..yes! hand writing is always good.

Melissa said...

Beautiful layout. Autumn is my favorite season, so I always love to look at fall layouts. :) I usually use patterned paper as background, but I also like the clarity of a card stock background. It depends, for me, on the theme and design of the page. I'm starting to prefer the more "clean and simple" designs again, but there's no chance I'll stop using patterned paper, even if it is incorporated into a simpler design scheme.

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