Monday, July 17, 2006

And together we were...

This weekend i had a fabulous time with my fabulous friends, and am looking forward to more weekends like it. i've missed spending guilt free quality time with my friends and family so i'm loving that at the moment. Although, i've never done so many lunches and so much shopping in such a short space of time, i think i'm going to have to ease off a bit as my wallet and my waist line can't afford it! Bought more stuff in Lush this weekend, including some American Cream conditioner. Used it this morning and i have been smelling dreamy all day. It's been ages since i've had the time to pamper myself so i am making the most of it.

Booked tickets to see The Feeling in November. Can't wait! There are so many oppertunities to do fun stuff like that in the south, i have missed that. Have lots coming up in the next six weeks....

in a happy place right now.


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