Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Well the prompts have started & i still haven't created anything, have lots of ideas, just don't want to put them into form yet. Think i might do an art journal type thing instead of using pictures.

i made this on Saturday about my lil' trip to the Isle of Wight in August. Because life is about the good & the bad & scrapbooking should reflect that. i got my Scrap-room kit on Saturday & have so far made 3 pages which i'm soooo happy about as uusually i just hoard them.

Yesterday i went a bit crazy in Waterstones. i've just finished My best friends girl and i went a bit mad & bought Wicked because it's now a musical so i figured it must be good, The Devil Wears Prada because my friend Adam has been raving about it and it's a film so it's got to be good right?, The Righteous Men because the front cover had a quote from the Mirror saying 'The biggest challenger to Dan Brown's crown' and i like Dan Brown, & Left Bank because the front cover inspired me. Ain't it pretty?
I went through a stage this year where i wasn't into reading (because i read Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and it nearly put me off reading for life - seriously don't read it!) but at the moment there are loads of book i want to read and usually i have loads of unread books on my shelf, but i didn't and i like to have a selection to choose from so i bought lots.

i buy most things from the net, or at least shop around for the best prices, but books, i like to buy them from proper book shops & i don't like having second hand books. Not because i'm snobby, but because i love the smell & feel of a new book, all shiny new with a 3 for 2 sticker on, no corners creased or pages warped from me reading in the bath. A new adventure.


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