Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lake of lights

Mum & me went to down to Canoe Lake tonight to the Lake of Lights. This was an event held by Friends of Oncology & Radiotherapy (FORT - a local charity based at St Mary's hospital in Portsmouth) in rememberance of those who have been lost to Cancer. For a donation to the charity you were given a candle and all the candles were put on the lake. They weren't real candles, but flourescent tubes which keep shining for up to twelve hours. It was very pretty, i tried taking some pictures, but i'm none too good at night photography & i don't have a tripod so they've all come out blurry. Here's a couple of us freezing our bums off though. It's been very cold here since Tuesday, i woke up to find my car frozen & it's been the same every morning since. i'm not very impressed about this, if it's going to be cold, we could at least have some snow! My sister is home for christmas now, which makes me say yay! i have yet to do my christmas wrapping & i have hardly written any cards this year which is very bad of me. Christmas has snuck up too quickly, i don't feel ready for it to be a new year yet, this one has gone way too fast.


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