Thursday, December 14, 2006

Long time no blog

Hey, so it's been a while since i've had the chance to blog, sorry about that. Let me get you up to speed with my life.

On the 1st December i drove back to Bournemouth with my sister & we shopped till we dropped. Then we went to see the Borat movie, which is hilarious! Then we met Tom for dinner at Frankie & Benny's so i could have some of their yummy cheescake. On the Saturday we went and did a bit more shopping (she is a bad influence on me) before i drove home again. Then i met up with my friends to celebrate my birthday. We went out for a bit of a boogie & i drank far too much alcohol, which i then spent most of Sunday recovering from. Me & Nic went to the Ha Ha! Bar for brunch (well i call it brunch but it was actually 1 o'clock before i got there) and i had eggy bread and it was good. And the rest of the day was spent visiting friends.
On Monday the 4th i went to a gig with Cassie & we had so much fun. We went to see Captain, who were awesome. Love Love Love this band. If you like the mainstream indie stuff that's around at the moment then you'll love them too, go check them out!! i bumped into some old colleagues too which was way cool, was very excited to see them. These pics are courtesey of Miss Cassie Magee. Thanks for a wicked night, you crazee ladee. x x Tuesday the 5th was Josh's 1st birthday, so his mum (my friend Kathryn) had a party for him. i've never seen so many toys in one place!! i have much respect for Kathryn, she's a full time student, a single mum, has a part-time job & supports herself. She's grown a lot in the last year, so very proud of her. Can't believe Josh is one! Crazy stuff.

Wednesday i went to the Union with Katie & Nicola (not my Nicola, Katie's friend Nicola). Having never been a Uni student, it was quite an unusual experience. Everyone looked so young! i know i'm still young, but they looked so much younger then me :(

i didn't do too much over the weekend, i created a few things, watched films, slept a lot. i think my body needed to recover from all the partying the week before.

Monday was Jon's birthday so we all descended upon him.

Tuesday i went for lunch with Cassie & Laura, and had oreo cookie pie for dessert. Amazing.

Last night i went to {Katies} Nicola's infamous christmas dinner. She cooked for about 16 of us. Definately the best cook i've ever met. i feel very priviledged to have been invited. Thanks Nicola! it was yum.

So behind with christmas stuff. Haven't done my cards or even finished all my shopping. We don't have out tree or decorations up yet, so i'm not feeling too christmassy yet. i'm mourning the loss of the coca-cola advert that that signifies that "holidays are coming". You know the one i mean. If you don't then where have you been?!?! You can watch it here. It's not being aired on TV and has been replaced by a far more inferior advert. It just won't be christmas without it.

If you feel as strongly as i do about this then you can sign a petition here to get the ad back on our telly box. Even if you don't feel that strongly about the ad, then sign it anyway, it'll make me happy :)


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