Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Mama

Today is my Mum's birthday. i'm sure she wouldn't want me to say how old she is so i shant mention the words five and 0, expecially in the same sentence. Her and Lloyd jetted off to Las Vegas yesterday to celebrate, armed with a list of scrapbook supplies that i NEED and instructions to buy peanut butter M& M's. So, i'm home alone. It's quite & wierd.
i know you won't see this till your back, but i am thinking of you & i hope your having a fun & fabulous time & that your birthday is all that you want it to be.
Sunday was also a day of celebration as my whole family gathered for a meal because it was my Nan & Grandad's 55th Wedding Anniversary on the 19th. How amazing is that!! They are such an inspiration, still love each other so much & take care of each other in every little way.
Last night i went to a crop, organised by Jan & managed to get 2 Lo's done, very much in the style of me. i Love to see what other people are working on, i am especially fascinated by people who scrap in 12x12 because i can ever get the balance right.
Elsie has lots of pictures on her blog of her new Ki line. Her products are scrummylicious and i want them all. i wish i had just an ounce of her talent. Her stand at CHA is amazing too. i also discovered that Ki are realeasing these yummy Heartfelt Albums and the best thing is they come in 8 1/2"x11"!!!!! So very excited.
Very much in love with Kasabian's 'Me Plus One' song at the moment (even though it's just Me at the moment LOL) keep playing it over & over. i always do that with songs i love. Btw, have you heard the new Beatles Love Album? The songs sound so different & modern. Still love the originals.
i decided not to answer the phone this week, because i don't want to be taking messages all the time, i do enough of that at work, all my friends ring my mobile anyway. But yesterday i realised that Mum & Lloyd's mobiles probably wouldn't work in America & so when it rang i thought it might be them saying they'd got to LV ok. It wasn't. It was my mum's friend asking if i could feed her cat this weekend. i haven't answered the phone since.
i've been looking through some old photos tonight & came accross these. This first one was taken of my mum when she was about my age now & the second one is of her with me. I never realised before how much i look like her, it's freaking me out a little, because i even have the exact same expressions as her, which i thought were 'me' expressions and now see are hers. It's not like i've never seen these pictures before, but not in a while & i guess i'm looking at them with new eyes as i know myself a little better now, and for the first time in my life i'm starting to take pictures of myself. Looking through the photo albums i realised that i obviously get my passion for photography from my father, which was difficult, because i don't like to think that i get any of my traits from him. i much prefer to think that i'm like my mum. And i am. Will always be my mother's daughter.


Anonymous said...

Never mind Elsie - I love your work. Your confessions made me smile too - I only ever wear hats on bad hair days.lol
D x

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