Friday, April 27, 2007

Tip of the week: Don't go to the gym in your lunchtime & drop your knickers in the shower on the day that you are due to start a new job. Yes, i really did have to go comando on my first shift. How embarassing. Sometimes my life is just one comedy sketch show.

Apart from that little incident, it's going ok. I'm completely whacked out, it is physically draining. The last two days i've worked my usual 9-5.30 office job and then done a 6-10 waitressing shift, for which i'm on my feet the whole time. i'm finding it tough learning everything, the menu is huge, plus i have to learn the cocktails & there are a lot of table numbers to memorise. But everyone seems nice & it's a fun atmososphere so i think i'm going to like it. Just don't like being in the 'new girl' stage & not being confident with what i am doing.

Had an e-mail from a blast from the past this week which i was none too happy about.

It is really fun having Brad here, there is so much laughter around the place.

Had a good post day today. Been looking forward to this all week. My box of yummy goodness from Artbase. They are my fav of all time! They were the first on-line scrap shop i found i have been a loyal customer ever since, cos they have a regular stock turn over of the fabbyest stuff & give great service. i have a full loyalty card i've been saving for when the new Love Elsie line comes out. Haven't had a package like this in such a long time. It made me happy & made me feel super creative. Got a lot of green papers, because i can't seem to scrap anything lately without at least a touch of green. Been after some clear buttons for ages, even asked my mum to try & find some in the US for me, but she didn't have any luck. Also realised my brad supply was running very low. Funny how a several pieces of paper & a few basics can quickly add up! This is why i try not to shop!

i've been working on my 'When i grow up class' tonight, it's still in the planning stages. i've been writing like a mad woman, the prompts have made me think about stuff i haven't even considered for years & about where i want to go in the future. It's helped me make sense of things that have happened in the past & why i chose certain paths.

Right now i'm feeling very very sleepy. i've been yawning since about half 8 and i don't normally get sleepy till about 12! All this physical exercise is doing me in!


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