Sunday, October 28, 2007

Um, ya...

This is something i made for Matt. Gonna miss that guy big time. Going to be wierd when i get back and he's not here. This is my first make in quite a while. i couldn't not make him a card & i do like to get messy. Normally i am itching to create if i don't have time to make stuff for a few days, but the last month i just haven't felt like it at all. And there has been sooo much planning to do. i am excited about getting back into my photography while i'm away though.

The last few weeks a few old wounds have started to heal & i'm moving forward. And it feels good!

So it's 1 month till my birthday and just 2 weeks till i set off on my great adventure. People keep asking me if i'm scared or nervous. And i say nope! It's the truth. Maybe i should be by now, but i'm really not. i know it's going to be amazing. i know i'm going to meet awesome people. i know there's going to be times when it's really tough and i miss home. But it's all part of the experience. And i can't wait!! Seriously sooo excited!

i'm starting to say my good-bye for nows in the next week or so and am finishing work. The time is flying at the moment. i've spent lots of time with friends lately, been sooo busy. Catching up with people i haven't seen in ages and hanging out with the requlars as much as possible. i'm excited about the stuff i have planned for the next two weeks, but it's going to be emotional too. i know when i actually have to say my fairwells, i'm going to find it really tough but i'm feeling a lot more positive about going now and just can't wait to be gone! Ummmm.... Hello!! Have you seen how dull/grey/miserable England is right now? I'm going to be spending the entire winter in hot, sunny places like Australia & Thailand!

It's starting to dawn on me that the stuff i've been dreaming of for years, is just around the corner. And i'm so pleased with myself for making it happen!


Anonymous said...

even though i'll miss u, i'm proud of you for making your dream happen too. xxx

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