Friday, December 07, 2007


Ok, i just wrote out my blog and then lost it!! How annoying! So here goes again...

i've now left Byron Bay, the place which is so laid back they don't even have traffic lights!! On the way to Brisbane i had the opportunity to go zorbing which was so much fun!! basically it's a huge plastic ball which you have to squeeze into with two other people and load of water which you then get tumbled down the hill in.

i like brisbane most at night when there's less traffic and it looks all pretty lit up. Southbank is the nicest area, which is just a short walk over the bridge. i am gutted that i missed the Andy Wharhol exhibition at the Contemporary Art Gallery which starts tomorrow when i leave!!!

Yesterday i went to Warner Brothers Movie World which i loved. No doubt it would have been more fun if i'd had someone to go with , but it was still a great day. i went on all the big scary rides on my own and scared myself shitless!! Also went to the Policce Academy Stunt Show and the Shrek 4D show which was really good. but i loved the parade the most. i didn't have many pictures taken with the characters as it was a bit of a pain asking people to take photos of me!!

Today i went to a Koala Santuary, cuddled a koala (so cute!) fed some kangaroos and some Lorakeets. Also saw some bats for the first time and they have to be the wierdest animals i have ever seen!! There were loads of lizards randomly lying around which freaked me out a bit, but i managed to avoid all the snakes. woo!!

So it's been an action packed week, good fun, met lots of people, had a few nights out. And everyday i am grateful that i am here living the life i lead!!


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