Tuesday, December 02, 2008


i had sooo much fun on my birthday. Thankies for all the messages, phone calls, cards & pressies!! Michaela, She who must not be named & i went to the tenth hole for lunch. This is our favourite place to lunch/eat cake. They do the most amazing cakes, but usually if we have lunch we are too full to manage one, so end up getting them to take-away. Then we went to see our Nan, we loooove to hear her stories, she is so awesome! Then i went out for a night on the tiles with my friends. The deal was that everyone had to wear a hat & they did me proud. It's so fun when everyone plays along! It was such a good night, it's so special when you can get lots of people that you really care about in one place! Here's a little picture of me in my hat, you can't quite see the beautiful feathers coming off the top. Sorry it's the best i have! It's super cute in real life, i promise!

i have been suffering from WO-man flu this week. Ha ha! Actually i'm not quite sure what it is, but i've not been a well girl, so i am not up to much at the moment. Tonight i have been sorting through some of my scrapbook albums as i got a few for my birthday & it's really quite astounding how many pages i have scrapped!! Anyway, it made me realise that i really don't share enough of them on here, so i will endeavour to do that more in the future!

i will leave with you with one of my current favourite tunes (and yes the lyrics are particulalry relevant to my life at the moment):


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