Friday, April 24, 2009

Felt/Embroidered Brooches

i am a huge lover of brooches, especially if they are vintage or handmade. i have so many that i now have them all displayed on a cork board.

My favourite place to shop for brooches/vintage style jewellery is This Charming Girl. And they just had an update with the new Spring/Summer Collection. i am always on the look out for unusal pieces & have picked things up in charity shops, markets, & independant shops, along with the odd thing from high street shops like Accessorize etc. i sometimes pick up badges/pins in Paperchase.

In November/December i became a bit obsessive about making my own brooches, which was prompted by Elsie's online class. Here's a few i've made using some of her embroidery patterns:

If you don't feel adventurous enough for stitching, you can always go for some simple felt brooches like this:

i usually wear mine on a shirt or cardigan to brighten my outfit. But you can pin them pretty much anywhere, hats, bags etc.

They make great presents & are really easy to make. i usually make them while i'm watching a film or something. Once you start making them, they are really addictive. i have new ideas for them all the time. i'm thinking... apples, owls, doilies, cherrys, anchors, bows, speech bubbles, mushrooms & a mix tape for my next projects. For more of my brooches go here. For inspiration check out these groups on flickr.

Felt Jewellery
Felt Creations

Or if you're not into making stuff yourself, do a search in Etsy. Here's a few lovely finds:

Frogs Anatomy





Kim Smith said...

i know what you mean! i'm totally addicted.

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