Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blackbird Fly

i was rudely awoken the other morning by Benguin playing this on his guitar. Since then i've not be able to get it out of my head. So beautiful (Also a hint at what my next tattoo might be) And it's making me want to learn the guitar. Which would be hard work.

i saw The Boat That Rocked last night. Much funnier & enjoyable then i had expected. Although one of the leads reminded me of P.Scarf (not good). Of couse the soundtrack really did rock.

i was looking forward to free cone day until i realised it's only on from 1pm til 5pm and i'm at work. Grrr!

Other things going on around here:

Wanting to go vintage shopping
Making lists lists lists
Feeling oh so very tired
Trying to decide on hotels for my trip next month (tricky)
Hatching plans to go work abroad (unsucessfully)
On a gym break
Planning to decorate the inside of my car
Enjoying being curly again
Having lots of creative ideas but no energy to put them into action


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