Monday, June 08, 2009

Canada Favourites

This girl.


Queen Street West.

Kensington Market.

Yonge & Dundas.

Real life scrapbooking stores!! This was just one side of the aisle, you can imagine the heaven i was in!

Into the Wild.
This book is moving, inspiring, heartbreaking.

Getting soaked at Niagara.

Taking lots of moose pictures. ha ha! Fun!


Up! i am in love with this film! It is so moving, funny, beautiful & clever. i urge you to see it! Annnd it features a scrapbook! Plus the short film played before hand is the best i've seen!

Craft night. Adrienne made this little fella. He is the cutest! I want to steal her monster making skills! i am almost done with my scrapbook, just a few more photos to print, hopefully it will be done at the weekend!!

i had the most wonderful time imaginable! And it's all down to Le Sweet, it's so fun to be in her company & she has been the most wonderful tour guide. It's such a bummer that we live a whole ocean apart. One day we will meet again for more adventures i'm sure :)


kelly said...

sounds like you had fun! just found your blog n i love it xx

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