Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm not gonna lie to ya

It's been a really tough week for me. Thanks to all those who have been a massive support, i really appreciated it. Sooo today is the first day i am starting to feel like i am ready to start moving forward (this could all change tomorrow though!) and i feel a bit guilty for neglecting this place (i don't like to be around here when my thoughts are not sunshine & light). So let's start making it a bit happier/hopeful. Today's Mail on Postsecret made me smile & is oh so verrrry apt for me right now: "Every time I see a BMW I assume the driver is a jerk (just like you were.)"

Last week Dickie, Garth & CWN came over for tea & us girls went out for a walk & came back to find the boys had done all the washing up! Love them!

i've been out with Nicynoo, had Matt from Home round for din dins & She Who Must not be Named (so glad she's back in the country now), seen The Hangover (funniest film of the year so far) and Transformers (utter rubbish) had a girls night out and a ton of other stuff i can't remember.

Caketin tried to teach me how to Crochet this weekend. i was a dismal failure. Apparently i need practice. i'm not sure i have the patience. Meanwhile she is the Crochet Queen and so i am still a proud owner of a lovely cuff, even if i didn't make it myself :) Thankies!

Oh and another recent failure, i tried making sushi tonight but my rice was too sticky. My Bento Box is cute though! Picked it up in Canadia!

And there's some crafting going on around here (working on a new mini). Yay!

i'm currently craving Kool Aid, reading Harry Potter #6 (in prep for le film) & looking forward to seeing my family tomorrow.

Have a good week!


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