Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer, where are you going?

Last week was full of going to the cinema & eating out. i've been busy busy & it's starting to catch up with me, i am sooo tired!

i had a totally random day on Saturday, where we stumbled upon a street food market, hid from a boy and stalked a pug puppy (ok it was just me doing the stalking).But i managed to get a sewing box & bag. i've been looking for the perfect one for a while now, & these were on sale too! i feel much better now things are organised. i love red + polka dots!

Also picked up some lovely vintage papers & patterns.

Annnd i finally got my Jackie Magazine (actually i have two copies, one for keeps and one for ripping up and sticking down). This has made me very happy, there has been much giggling over this & i am totally wishing i had lived in the 70's.

i've been getting my nails painted (thanks Shen).

Reading Sookie (totally hooked).

And Art journalling. i've really enjoyed this class & it's been lovely to make a little bit of art each day, it's been totally manageable and very theraputic.

Have a magical week!


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