Friday, October 30, 2009

A good week

A mini trip to B-town was much in order. Laughs with the girls, a shopping trip & my sisters yummy home-made rocky road plus coffee(him)/hot chocolate(me) with Dickie = a very lovely weekend.

i have had a productive week at work & was called up to Winchester for a day which i wasn't particularly looking forward to, but was actually quite fun. It's nice to have a change for a day, to ride the train to work instead of driving. Somehow it makes me feel more professional. There's a new Cath Kidston shop which is gorgeous & i had time to visit in my lunch, but refrained from making a purchase (i think that deserves a round of applause, please!). Then after work it was to the American Diner for Root Beer Floats with Gareth. We were discussing his wedding plans, i am SO excited for him! i still find it hard getting my head around the idea that friends of mine are/are going to be married.

It's taking time to get used to the changes with my body & i'm being careful not to overdo things but i am starting to feel more like myself this week. i occasionally get a rebellious, reckless streak in me which mostly inspires me to go on adventures and make lots of pretty stuff, come up with grand plans and/or journal a lot. This streak has surfaced over the last few days. And on that note i will leave you with this:


Anonymous said...

best picture taking adventure EVER

Mandi said...

hey hey hey! I love that page!! :D

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