Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hot Chocolate

Did you know it was Hot Chocolate week this week? No, me either. Well it is. i become fairly addicted to Hot Choclate during the winter months, and i'm pretty fussy about it. My favourite is from Costa's. But i don't go there often so i tend to make it myself. i won't let anyone else make it for me, because i am so particular about it. lately i've even been adding mini marshmellows and choclate sprinkles. Aero gives the best froth but Galaxy is the yummyest.

This week has been fairly low key but i have been busy crafting all day so i'll be back with some scrappies soon, providing we get some light tomorrow. Today was sooo grey!


Sam_B said...

you should try costa's one with a caramel shot- it's AMAZING!!!

Alexa said...

Thanks Sam! i will definately try that out, sounds yummy!

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