Monday, November 02, 2009

Shake it!

Let's talk polaroids, cause i know some of you are a little obsessed with them right now. So glad you've got on board with me!

So we were all a little sad when Polaroid stopped making the instant film last year, meaning prices sky rocketted. But luckily The Impossible Project is going to change that in 2010, plus Polaroid is bringing back The One Step Camera and are comissioning TIP to produce polaroid branded instant film!! Yay! Urban Outfitters are already selling some instant photo products and you can get lots of stuff at Polapremium (but it's very pricey) they even have a Tazmanian Devil polaroid camera!

(Image from Polarpremium)

You can read more about the fight to save polaroid here or at The Impossible Project.

However, in the meantime there are a couple of programmes you can use to create the polaroid effect with your digital photos. Rollip is very popular and Poladroid is super cute because you can just drag and drop, and it even makes the same sound as a polaroid camera!

Something i invested in a few months back is the Polaroid Pogo Printer. You can send pictures to it via your camera or phone, even by blue tooth! The pictures are 2x3 are the colours are muted like they are in polaroids. Look out for some pictures on a scrapbook page or two in the near future!

And i'm wishing wishing wishing someone's going to bring me back one of these baby's back from Taiwan. i want one so baaaad!

Here's a few book's i wouldn't mind finding in my christmas stocking!

And a couple of links for inspiration:

The Polaroid Blog
Today's Polaroid
Jerseymaids (polaroid jewellery!)
My Polaroid Blog
& i love Tina's work, so dreamy!

Oh and there's an exhibition on in L-town about the history of Polaroid. i'm thinking birthday trip, who wants to come?!

And p.s. it's Polaroid week!


Petergaye S. Kisielewicz/ Yahgie said...

I love your pics. I love Poladroid too. So vintage.

Caketin said...

Sounds like a plan! x

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