Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Robin Hood Tax

i know that politics is a very personal issue & i don't usually touch on it here, but i just wanted to spread the word about Robin Hood Tax. In case you haven't heard anything about it yet, here's a little bit from thier website explaining what the Robin Hood Tax is:

The Robin Hood Tax is a tiny tax on bankers that would raise billions to tackle poverty and climate change, at home and abroad.

By taking an average of 0.05% from speculative banking transactions, hundreds of billions of pounds would be raised every year.

You can read more here about how it works. This is something that could actually happen with your support. There's some bigwig's already backing the proposal, like our current PM, the French President & the German Chancellor.

So, how can you help to make it happen? If you live in the UK you can write to your MP & ask them to sign the early day motion. There's also a list of other things you can do to spread the word. If this is something you believe in, please show your support!


Laura said...

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