Monday, July 12, 2010

Long time no speak!

Hello blog friends!

How i have missed you all! We are still without internet (i am at my mum's 'borrowing' hers) and it is driving my crazy!! i am not sure when we are going to get hooked up so blog posts will be intermittent for another few weeks. Thanks to my iPhone i am managing to just about keep up with my google reader but it's hard to comment, so i apologise for being so quiet. i am missing the blog world a lot more then is probably healthy! So i thought i'd pop in to say 'Hi' and let you know that the move went well and we are loving life in the new apartment. i am yet to organise my Craft Corner and i can't wait to get that sorted and have an actual desk dedicated to scrapbooking! i have another layout to share from the Studio Calico May Kit (loved that kit sooo much!), which i did a while ago.

This picture was taken at the hotel i stayed in when i went on holiday to Turkey in 2007. i'm pretty sure it's the only picture i've scrapped of that holiday, eeeep! i really should try and get a few more done as it really was a beautiful location. i've found that i'm drawn to pages with lots of white space lately so i'm trying to introduce that into my pages a lot more.

So, what's up with you? Are you having a heat wave in your corner of the world like we are? i am loving summer so far, it's my favourite season. Have a great week what ever you are up to!


darkpoetess said...

oooh that is such a pretty layout! i love the papers and colours! you have my sympathy for the internet issues too x

Lizzie said...

Bleah... I wouldn't like to do without the internet for more than a couple of days! Poor you! Hope it's soon sorted out.

Love the layout. The colour choices are ace and so is the photo. Love the title too!

Keshka said...

Love this LO! Glad the move went well and hope you settle in (and get your internet back!) soon!

Sian said...

Really pretty layout Alexa

I'm going to take a blog break soon myself..we'll see how long it is before the withdrawal symptoms set in.

Tatanky said...

Hi Alexa ! I like white space too makes everything else pop-up and this is a great example. Love the pink flowers. Hope you get your internet soon is terrible being away from blog-land ;) Nop no heat wave in Mexico that was a month ago now we're on the rainy season and it has been terrible. Looks like the sun will shine a bit today that's great :D have a nice week.

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