Sunday, October 17, 2010

dream. wake up. keep dreaming.

Living in rented accommodation means we can't just take a hammer and some nails and stick up any frames we feel like (not that my flatmate would anyway because she hates photos!). So, when it comes to making our apartment feel more homely i'm having to think outside the box. About 2 months ago i took my stash of American Crafts stickers and wrote out this above my bed.

i am all about dreams. i don't ever want to stop dreaming or trying to make my dreams happen. Asleep, or awake. This is just a friendly reminder to myself, and right now i need to keep believing in them more than ever.

To pretty up my bed frame i also made this little garland. i don't have a sewing machine so i wasn't sure how a hand sewn garland would turn out, but it enabled me to add pom poms and chipboard so i guess it turned out ok.


Unknown said...

I feel your pain re: rented accomodation - I just moved out of a rented flat and it was a nightmare not being able to customise it all I wanted! (mind you - I did hammer in a million nais, horrah for poly-filler lol!!!!)

Keshet said...

SUCH a great idea, my friend! Love it!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this! It looks so great.

Mandie said...

ooooh... THAT is soooo cute, alexa! so, cute!

Unknown said...

This totally makes me happy. Love this!

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