Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Document 2011 - January

i won't lie, it almost gave me a panic attack when i cut out the patterned paper for this project. i instantly wanted to replace it with kraft cardstock, it was too busy for me. But i talked myself round, kraft would be a bit plain and this is a good way to use up some of my stash. Besides, i want this project to be about Documenting. i'm using imperfect photos that i wouldn't usually share and probably wouldn't otherwise get scrapped. And for those occasions when i'm too busy enjoying soaking up the moment to take pictures i've got journalling, and lots of it. This project is not about aesthetics, it's about the stuff of life. i'd like to think that's what all my pages are at the heart of them, but i do usually pay a lot more attention to making them pretty then just trying to get the photos + memories down.                

i decided to go with 6x4 photos so i wouldn't have to faff about with re-sizing plus i already had some of these page protectors from American Crafts. Sometimes they come in handy for my travel albums when i want to add in more photos. i'm just going to have a double page spread like this each month to show an overview of what i've been up to. i know a lot of people are playing along with Project Life this year, which looks fab, but that's too big a project for me to take on, this is much more manageable.

Click on photo to see larger.
Top right photo credit: Miss. Middle right photo: Michaela Gill. Project based on the Document 2010 Class by Shimelle

This month i've included a photo of my diary, i take great care over the purchase of my diary, i'm very specific about what i want and i thought it would be fun to have a record of this years. i also included a picture of my camera because it broke this month :(  and that was kind of a big deal for me. i miss it more then i could ever have imagined. Luckily She Who Must Not Be Named has kindly lent me hers. i included a picture from our Cheese & Wine evening and some from a night of drinking games and dancing. But there was lots of other fun stuff that happened which i didn't get pictures of, like Playzone for Matt's birthday, cake & afternoon tea with Katie, a visit from Adam for an entire weekend and an afternoon with Paul before he jetted off to Taiwan to start a new life. i also took a trip to Bournemouth for my mum's birthday where we had a family dinner. And i documented all the films i've watched and books i've read.

i already love this project and it's only January.                            


Jenna Upson said...

Glad you stuck with the patterned paper, it looks great! I am also loving this class x

Mandie said...

love this, alexa! i've been doing project life & really loving it!

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