Saturday, May 14, 2011

Drink Shop Do

Lasr Saturday i took a trip to London to meet fellow scrapbooker & blogger Lara. It was quite a delight to finally meet her and to discover that our passion for scrapbooking isn't the only thing we have in common.
We met at Drink Shop Do, a really lovely place to spend an afternoon. There's a vintage & sweet/ice cream shop out front and further back there's a tea shop. Everything can be bought from the chair your sitting on to the tea cup your sipping from. There are crafty classes hosted a couple of times a week from crochet to card making you can also arrange a little craft party of your own if you have enough people! i would highly recommend it if you're in the Kings Cross area, i certainly can't wait until the next time i visit!

There are lots of cake's on offer and drinks too: milkshakes, coke floats, pressed juices, herbal teas...the list goes on. i also induldged in a sherbet dip!

i am still DSLR less :( so i only took a few photos with my instax and my iPhone, but you can see some of Lara's lovely pictures on her blog here. And it's worth taking the time take a look around while you're there, because she is really rather talented. Getting to play with her 450D really made me itch to upgrade when i finally invest in another digital camera. i'm keeping my eye on ebay.


Keshet said...

What a fun place to visit!

Unknown said...

Aw, thanks for the blog love hon. What a lovely little crafternoon it was!

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